Punos Sound is a music and sound design company run by a Finnish music producer, musician and composer Juho Salmi. The company is speacialized in music production, composing and sound design for various media, including games, other digital platforms and video (promotional, advertisements, movies etc.). The clients include Sanoma Pro (the leading provider of learning solutions in Finland), Rautaruukki, Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Tappara (a Finnish ice hockey team). Juho Salmi is or has been also a member of following bands: Juho Salmi & Suuri Voima, Mantere, Tampere Disharmonia, Plain Fade and Fume.

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Here you can hear some of the latest works:

List of the latest projects (year - the project - my role):
2017 - Juho Salmi & Suuri Voima: Raparperi - Single - Songwriting, production, vocals
2016 - Mantere: Kuoren alta - EP - Composing, production, mixing, recording, bass guitar
2016 – Apes Of Space - Game demo by Mental Moustache – Sound effects
2016 – Tampere Disharmonia: Akanvirta – Songwriting, arranging, bass guitar, backing vocals
2015 – BabyBakery – Eductional game by Sanoma Pro – Music and sound design
2015 – Tappara – Music for player introduction video, season 2015-16 – Songwriting, production
2015 – Juho Salmi & Suuri Voima: Täällä kaikki hyvin on – Album – Songwriting, production, mixing
2014 – Karkuri (The Deserter) – Short film (14 min) – Lead sound designer
2014 – Farmarin Vuosi – Tablet game for Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry – Music and SFX
2014 – Ruukki Miner – Mobile game for Ruukki – Music and SFX
2013 – Victims Of Ikuri: Valediction – Album – Production, bass, keyboards, guitar and songwriting
2011 – Juho Salmi & Suuri Voima: Kesä tulee, tunnetko – Album – Vocals, guitar, keyboard, songwriting, production